glamHORSE™ Simply Better Horse Care Grooming Products


Simply Better Horse Care Grooming Products

"Glam Up Your Ride™  with Simple Horse Hair Care Products

1. Assess your horse(s) condition
Start on our great feeding program. Do you have what you need?

2. Learn about our Top Notch grooming products
equiFUSE Shampoo System, Eqyuss, glamHORSE & More!

3. Great Saddle Pads
Experienced staff will fit your horse and saddle to our amazing SaddleRight, Cactus & Oxbow pads.

4. Tack that fits Correct
We help you adjust your own tack and if you need something replaced, we have great tack & equipment made by Cactus & Oxbow that you will love!

Pick all or some! We Love to help!

Our Staff is here to help you "Glam Up Your Ride™!"
Better Equine® has knowledgeable staff for all our Special products. Our Glam Up specialist Sheila Wilson is on hand to help you with our amazing products. We offer grooming products that are top notch, easy to use and will make your horse stand out in the crowd!

Meet with our Representative

Sheila Wilson

Sheila has 16 years experience veterinary assistant, 25+ years nursing and a lifetime of successful animal care, showing and judging.

  • Give her a call for questions and to purchase products.     
  • Personal assistance 
    • Summer - See our amazing grooming program in action.
    • Winter - Learn which Grooming products to use for winter grooming when washing is not an option.
    • Gift Cards available.
  • Check out our Calendar for events Team Better Equine®  will be set up 

Grooming Products

We are always working on great products to offer our customer for online purchase and in our Specialty Warehouse Outlet. Let us help you achieve amazing results with our "Glam up Your Ride Program ™".